Frequently Asked Questions

Xpat Fingerboards Close up with discs and bag

Q:   Can I buy just the discs or the rubber strips?

A:  No, unfortunately we do not sell the discs or the rubber strips separate from the fingerboard.

Q:  I lost a few discs, can I buy another set?

A:  If you own an Xpat Fingerboard, please contact us. We will replace lost discs for free.  You pay only actual shipping cost.  Always store the drawstring bag with the discs on the hooks on the back of the board.

Q:  Do you have other color discs available?

A:   The discs are red, white and blue with black shooter discs. There are no other colors available at this time.

Q: What size are the fingerboards?

A:  We have two sizes available:

The medium fingerboards are 31″ x 31″ x 2″.  If you are used to your old childhood fingerboard this may seem small. These fingerboards are great for younger kids and for portability. Shipping is a flat rate of $45 within the contiguous USA (not including Alaska or Hawaii) for the medium sized fingerboards.

The large fingerboards are 36.5″ x 36.5″ x 2.5″ which is the same measurements as the boards we grew up with. These boards are perfect for experienced or competitive players. If you are not familiar with fingerboard these may seem big to you. Shipping is a flat rate of $55 within the contiguous USA (not including Alaska or Hawaii) for the large fingerboards.

Q:  Will you ship to Canada?

A:  Yes, we do ship to Canada. Please note that you will be responsible for import tax. Shipping cost to Canada is a flat rate of $65 for the medium fingerboards and $75 for the large fingerboards.

Q:   I would like to buy several fingerboards as gifts, will you ship to different addresses?

A:  Yes, absolutely!  Just contact us prior to placing the order to notify us. We will also print and include a note/letter/picture from you to put in the box if you prefer.

Q:  Will the box reveal the content?

A:  No,  it is shipped in a plain brown box. However, our name will be on the address label and that might give the content away.

Q:  Where is this made?

A:  Xpat fingerboards are handcrafted in and shipped from South Carolina, USA.

Q:  Should I use baby powder or flour on the surface?

A:  No.  The surface is slick and we do not recommend using any kind of powder.  Please wipe the surface with a clean cloth before playing to remove any dust/sand/pet hair.